Attract millions of customers with your copyrighted content and no one will stop you. All you have to do is to get Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting or Offshore Hosting.

In this article, you will see the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting available in the market with the most affordable pricing.

While many Hosting providers say they are giving you a legit and Best DMCA ignored hosting but the game changes when the notice comes and you are blocked and legal charges are applied.

The companies are genuine and will offer you the best services in terms of Security, Speed and efficiency. I have mentioned Best DMCA Hosting Providers with pocket-friendly pricing.

So, let’s start with What are DMCA Ignored Servers and is which country you will get the DMCA Free Hosting.

What Are DMCA Ignored Servers?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and this act is useful for you if you want to file a notice on someone who is presenting our content without your consent. 

In DMCA Ignored Hosting the servers are placed offshore, the countries where DMCA rule is just a piece of paper.

In total there are next countries where DMCA notice is nothing but just a text.

  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Bulgaria
  • Moldova
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

The DMCA ignored Hosting Service providers also accept bitcoin as their secondary payment method, which will help you keep your information private.

Key Features While Choosing DMCA Ignored Hosting?

What do you think you need in the Best Offshore Hosting provider? Well, there are tons of Hosting providers but in this article, you will see the companies with the best features and cheap pricing, and NO FAKE promises. 

  • Servers In Which Country
  • Pricing
  • Server Uptime
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Pros n Cons
  • Customer Service

All of the above points are important and will help you make your Ideal site with all the amenities you require at an affordable cost, Also, Check the best Hosting Provider.

ALEXHOST – Best DMCA Hosting Provider

An enterprise-grade Offshore Hosting Provider which has its server in Moldova and this country DMCA law is nothing, so they are Fully Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider which allows you to go with their Cheapest Offshore Dedicated Servers.

Key Features

  • Free DDOS Protection
  • Offshore Hosting
  • Enterprise-class Hardware
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee


If you want to contact the customer support team then you need to raise a ticket regarding our problem or you can also chat with the customer care executives. The customer service is fast and responsive. You work on your content while you will get the best hosting service available in the market.

Reasonable & Affordable prices

Own server hardware & network equipment – no reseller markup. Affordable bandwidth due to optimal balance: inbound traffic made by local clients VS outbound by off-shore clients. Keep the golden spot between affordability & service quality. The most reasonably priced hosting services on this planet. We Accept Every International And Local Payment Methods Including Paypal, BTC, Master Card, Visa Card, Bank Transfer & More. Contact Us For Payment more options.

Fully Protected Anonymous Service

Illegitimate legal abuse, volumetric DDoS attack or hardware/software failure – we got you covered! Your data is protected at privately owned hardware in certified secure data centers in offshore locations. Your privacy is respected – no personal information required.

What can you host with us?

Our DMCA Ignored solutions are meant:

  • For those who wish to host their data outside of their own country.
  • For those who do not want their data or identity shared with third parties.
  • For those who want to express themselves through freedom of speech.
  • For those who want to host gambling, movie websites, etc.

This doesn’t mean that you can engage in illegal activities, which we strictly forbid. This includes, but is not limited to, spam, phishing, and fraud. We’ll immediately close your account and blacklist all your labels.

Our Verdict

This company has been established in 2008 and since then they are improvising themselves, they give one of the best Offshore Hosting Service available on the internet. The company is well known and renowned but they miss customers’ satisfaction in terms of Calling and ticket solving time.

What Will Terminate Your services?

  • – Any type of activity that can lead to the IP being blocked by organizations such as Spamhaus
  • – Under Legal Age Nudity
  • – Scam/Fraudulent Websites
  • – Spam
  • – Illegal pharmaceutical websites
  • – Any websites associated with hacks or cheats
  • – Mass mailing
  • – Reverse proxies
  • – Selling illegal substances
  • – Phishing websites
  • – Botnet controllers
  • – DDoS scripts
  • – Brute Force attacks
  • – Packet Flood scripts
  • – SIP Scanners
  • – IP Spoofing Attacks
  • – Virus / Trojan / Malware Distribution
  • – Scanning of password and password guessing tools, bots, and/or software
  • – Vulnerability scanners
  • – Terrorist Websites
  • – Anything related to forex
  • – Unlicensed IPTV services
  • – Anything related to in-game virtual currencies and generators thereof
  • – The sale or distribution of replica items


Untraceable Anonymous Hosting is not so tough after all but here you have gone through some of the most famous Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers Available in the market. You can also pay anonymously without letting anyone know about your identity and location.

You can also check out the DMCA ignored dedicated server with Dedicated IP and dedicated resources for your content. 

So, now you can finally host any type of website you can and you can also find some of the most affordable Best DMCA Hosting Providers.

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